Welcome to Sudarshan FIBC/Bulk Bag Weight Calculator

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Our FIBC/Bulk bag weight calculator will help you determine the bag weight according to your required specifications. The FIBC bag weight calculation is all automated and seamlessly determines which bulk bag matches your requirements, functionalities and usability. 

How does our FIBC bags weight calculator work?

  • The bulk bag calculator for U+2 and circular FIBC bag takes input from you, particularly, length of the bulk bag, height, width, SWL, and SF, and GSM for the bulk bag. 

  • Furthermore, the calculator will ask for the type of coating you are searching for. It can be coated or uncoated. 

  • Select whether you want liners or not. 

  • Select whether you want it dust proof or not. 

  • Select the type of top attachment and bottom attachment. 

  • You will be asked for the specifications of loop height, short leg, long leg. 

  • You can select the denier, type, and pattern of the stitching. 

  • Select whether you want a label or document pouch or not.

You will receive all the details about the bulk bag, whether you have selected U+2 or circular FIBC bag, that satiates your requirement on your provided email address. For further or additional assistance on the bulk bag calculator, you can contact our team of skilled professionals that will assist you in finding and designing the appropriate bulk bag package for your specific requirements. Contact us on +91 909-875-0000.